Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 Weeks into Training

I started four weeks ago and I would come upon hills and have to get off the bike and scurry up the hills then continue on my way. Not all the hills. Just the one on Arguello when you're entering the Presidio. Now I can ride up the hill(s).
Yesterday was my first ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was amazing. There was a helicopter that flew over and under the bridge. A HUGE predator bird who's wingspan was the size of our bicycles.
Entering into Sausalito we raced down the Saucilito hill at a whopping 25+ miles an hour. When I entered this picturesque town I had the terrifying realization that the hill I had just chased Dez down was soon to be my next challenge. Not really physically but mentally. The whole time going up I spend staring at the ground pedaling and my internal monologue sounds something like this, "Why are you doing this? You can't make it up this hill. Just get off the bike and walk up. Hay! I'm almost to the top. I CAN do this. I'm done and I am still alive. This is amazing."
We rode into Mill Valley (which is where my brother and I got lost the first time he came to visit) and had lunch at this place called The Depot. The food was good, the people were incredibly nice and there were tons of dogs. As soon as we were done it was time to head back and face those hills. I made it! 35 miles.
Every time I start to lose my motivation and focus I go on one of these amazing rides and I'm back on track. Now all I have to do is raise $2000 dollars and I'm golden.

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  1. YOu're an animal! Add riding a bike over the golden gate to my life list, would ya? Preferably on a sunny day. Not on a day that looks like the one I"m looking at today :(.

    anyway I'm impressed. You're a machine.