Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ride #5...

It's been a bit stormy this week and it seems that will be the theme over the following week. Despite the inclement weather and with a push from Katie we went to the Sports Basement to meet with our Cat. 1 group. Dez said if it was raining at 083o she wasn't going to go (i didn't blame her).

I had to wake up earlier than usual because I had to make my way to the Sports Basement Protrero Hill and pick up my bike from being serviced only to meet Katie and make our way to the Sports Basement Presidio. When I left my house no rain. When I was leaving Sports Basement RAIN. By the time I made it to 16th and Folsom no rain.

We finally made it to the Presidio only to find out that in the short time it rained our ride had been cancelled. Dez decided to go home and have a warm day. Katie and I decided to make a short ride around the city and head home. A short ride these days turns out to be a mere 18.49 miles. I don't even feel the need to stuff my face and take a nap. I did stuff my face but no need for a nap.

On our ride home Katie and I made a couple of pit stops. First we went to Performance Bikes in SOMA. Let me tell you. Cheap prices and cheap customer service. Not one person said hi or anything. We decided to head to Sports Basement Protrero (time #2 at this location and #3 at the SB in general). There we spent some money. The people who work there are helpful and make sure every customer is being helped or finding their way just fine. I like spending my money there.

All and all I had a great day and a nice little ride. Good times.

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