Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi everybody. Now is crunch time. I have been training very hard. My last ride was 70 miles. With a couple of hick-ups I completed it with a mostly flat tire and all. BUT... I desperately need your help to actually be able to participate in the actual ride. Without the last $2000 I will not be able to ride form May 31st to June 6th 545 miles from San Francisco to LA. Please help me by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation at the following link and by forwarding this plea for help to FIVE friends. Thank you. You will not only be helping me reach my goal but you will also be helping thousands of people get much needed medications and medical attention that they need to survive this horrible disease. Thank you all for your support.

Darcy M. Wilson

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fundraising Event Finalized

Katie & Darcy are throwing their 2nd Fundraising Event Saturday March 7th from 8pm to 11pm. FYI: It's also Regina's 34th birthday, so show her some love or... just show her some beer.

$10 donation per person at the door (if you want to donate more feel free). Beer and snacks will be exchanged for your donation. We will also be having a raffle so be sure to bring extra cash for raffle tickets. $5 per raffle ticket or 5 tickets for $20.

See you there & bring some friends.

Saturday March 7th from 8pm to 11pm
215 Clinton Park

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ride #5...

It's been a bit stormy this week and it seems that will be the theme over the following week. Despite the inclement weather and with a push from Katie we went to the Sports Basement to meet with our Cat. 1 group. Dez said if it was raining at 083o she wasn't going to go (i didn't blame her).

I had to wake up earlier than usual because I had to make my way to the Sports Basement Protrero Hill and pick up my bike from being serviced only to meet Katie and make our way to the Sports Basement Presidio. When I left my house no rain. When I was leaving Sports Basement RAIN. By the time I made it to 16th and Folsom no rain.

We finally made it to the Presidio only to find out that in the short time it rained our ride had been cancelled. Dez decided to go home and have a warm day. Katie and I decided to make a short ride around the city and head home. A short ride these days turns out to be a mere 18.49 miles. I don't even feel the need to stuff my face and take a nap. I did stuff my face but no need for a nap.

On our ride home Katie and I made a couple of pit stops. First we went to Performance Bikes in SOMA. Let me tell you. Cheap prices and cheap customer service. Not one person said hi or anything. We decided to head to Sports Basement Protrero (time #2 at this location and #3 at the SB in general). There we spent some money. The people who work there are helpful and make sure every customer is being helped or finding their way just fine. I like spending my money there.

All and all I had a great day and a nice little ride. Good times.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fundraising Event in the Works...

So Regina is having a birthday party next month. March 7th. This is a save the date really. She has been kind enough to donate her party to Katie and I so we could throw a fundraiser. The time and place have yet to be planned. Well we do have a place but I'm building a mystery.

When the big reveal comes feel free to share the details with your friends and invite 'em along.

Until next time.

Feeling Generous?

Pass this on to your friends who would like to support me and the AIDS/Life Cycle event.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Ride on Saturday

Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 Weeks into Training

I started four weeks ago and I would come upon hills and have to get off the bike and scurry up the hills then continue on my way. Not all the hills. Just the one on Arguello when you're entering the Presidio. Now I can ride up the hill(s).
Yesterday was my first ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was amazing. There was a helicopter that flew over and under the bridge. A HUGE predator bird who's wingspan was the size of our bicycles.
Entering into Sausalito we raced down the Saucilito hill at a whopping 25+ miles an hour. When I entered this picturesque town I had the terrifying realization that the hill I had just chased Dez down was soon to be my next challenge. Not really physically but mentally. The whole time going up I spend staring at the ground pedaling and my internal monologue sounds something like this, "Why are you doing this? You can't make it up this hill. Just get off the bike and walk up. Hay! I'm almost to the top. I CAN do this. I'm done and I am still alive. This is amazing."
We rode into Mill Valley (which is where my brother and I got lost the first time he came to visit) and had lunch at this place called The Depot. The food was good, the people were incredibly nice and there were tons of dogs. As soon as we were done it was time to head back and face those hills. I made it! 35 miles.
Every time I start to lose my motivation and focus I go on one of these amazing rides and I'm back on track. Now all I have to do is raise $2000 dollars and I'm golden.